2017 Medical Practice Marketing Tips

2017 Medical Practice Marketing Tips

Ollerton Marketing was recently featured in InboundMD.com with the following contribution:

Valuable content is still king, but for healthcare practices looking to get new patients immediately, look no further than Facebook and Instagram advertising. I’m not talking about “boosting” a post about your office staff’s Halloween party. I am talking about crafting a valuable offer that your target patients can’t resist.

I recently helped an orthodontics practice run a, “$500 Off Braces” offer for two weeks on Facebook and Instagram. The ads sent people to a custom landing page designed to collect contact information. Once the contact information was submitted, the office staff received an email notification and would call the lead within 5-minutes. It’s not a pushy “sales call,” but simply a follow-up call to schedule a free exam.

We noticed that a call within 5-10 minutes proved to convert leads into appointments 70% of the time. This simple process of offer, Facebook ad, landing page, and phone call proved to bring in 12 new customers during the two-week ad campaign. At approximately $5000 per new braces customer, the ROI on a Facebook campaign was well worth it.

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2017 Medical Practice Marketing Tips

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By Seth Ollerton